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Personal Shopper Service


Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice?

Or looking for something different but not sure what to try?


Our Personal Shopper service can create a bespoke box of wines based on your personal preferences. 


Simply contact me to discuss

RW&C personal shopper
rwc wine tasting.jpg

What is the best way to learn about wine?

Drink it! And this is the simple but effective ethos behind our Ultimate Wine Tastings.  It is also one of the rare occasions where drinking lots of different wines in a short space of time is not only totally acceptable – it’s even encouraged!  


How do Wine Tastings work?

From experience we’ve found that no two events are the same.  Therefore, we deliver bespoke tastings to suit your requirements, be it to enhance your knowledge, entertain dinner party guests or just for a bit of fun.   We can literally make it up as we go along (apart from the knowledge part – we’ve got that in the bag already!) 


We bring the wines – We share our knowledge – We put the confusing wine talk in the bin.

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