Forget wine snobbery
and let us help you develop your own distinctive taste…

 Do you purchase your food items based on "nice labels"?

Do you eat the same meal every week, just because you're not sure what else to try?

Do you order a meal in a restaurant, not understanding what it is, but simply because you've heard of it?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, please keep reading! 


The idea of basing our food choices using the above statements seems unfathomable. 

This is because we understand food, we know our likes and dislikes and we have the confidence to make an informed choice. Yet when it comes to buying wine, for many of us, this logic goes out the window…

I'm not sure if it's the degree in decoding you need just to understand the wine label

or the sheer overwhelming feeling whilst staring at the wall-of-wine in most supermarkets!


So how do we change this?

The world of wine has long been an intimidating place with far too much choice and long words

that are not necessary, but at RED, WHITE & CRU we see things differently. 

We want to help remove the mystery and make wine, make sense!

So how do you find a wine that you will enjoy?  

Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question, because we do not all taste things the same way.  

The pleasure we take from aromas and flavours is known as our “palate” and our palate is determined

by our genetic make-up, yet also influenced by our upbringing and surrounding environment.  

So, without further insight into your palate – I would have just as much chance

guessing your favourite colour!

Let Us Help You Find The Right Wine
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