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With so many wine styles available, it’s no wonder people get pre-conceived idea’s… The ABC crowd (Anything But Chardonnay) heard somewhere along the way that Chardonnay is always full bodied with creamy oak and therefore is simply a no-go area. However, those that have persevered have discovered there is so much more to this widely planted and widely criticised little grape.

And in a way, the same pre-conceptions have been laid on the shoulders of Rosé wine. Many people just assume it’s a frivolous girly drink, suited to sugar-thirsty youngsters – but it’s actually a very versatile wine. Yes, it can be the perfect thirst-quenching, fruity summer drink, but it can also offer many different taste profiles and therefore pairs with a wide range of foods. It has long been perceived that Rosé wine is not a Yorkie Bar and simply NOT FOR MEN – but I disagree.

I am not here to start telling anyone what they should or should not drink, we are all unique and so are our taste buds (in fact, if you were at mine, I would encourage you to have a beer, so I keep the wine for myself!) However, I just want to make sure that these beautifully coloured vino’s are simply getting the recognition they deserve and to reassure there really is a Rosé for everyone’s palate. We’ve been told for years that “real men” wear pink, so do you think they can drink pink too?

In a world that is becoming refreshingly gender neutral and stereotypes are back in the archives along with Babycham… How many burly guys do you know who would be comfortable with ditching their pint for a glass of pink?

Use this simple guide to help find the bit of pink within you!

France / Provence

Provence Rosé is simply the little black dress of pink wines. The dry and delicate style has been absolutely mastered, and the combination of summer fruits and subtle acidity is beautifully predictable and seldom fails to hit the spot.

Try Figuiére for a silky and seductive introduction to this fabulous wine;


France / Languedoc-Roussillon

With the Mediterranean coast on the east and the Pyrenees mountains to the south, the Languedoc region is a world of its own.

With an array of soil types and ocean breezes, along with an abundance of grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Carignan. The diversity is vast and ranges from delicate Provence-style to deeper coloured, punchy fruit-driven but as a general rule, all they tend to be dry and fairly full-bodied fruity little numbers.

For a fine example of the undeniable Languedoc quality (an absolute bargain as its currently on offer for £6!) Try Fildefere Syrah Rosé;

Fildefere Syrah Rose | Red White & Cru (

But if you’re looking for something special, I highly recommend Chateau Puech-Haut Prestige Rosé… It is simply stunning & looks the part too with an elegant, frosted bottle & glass stopper;

Chateau Puech-Haut Prestige Rosé | Red White & Cru (

France / Loire Valley

Homeland to the infamous Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, so not the first thought that springs to mind in the world of Rosé but none the less does offer some little nuggets. These tend to be produced from more robust grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc or Pinot Noir, which offer a refreshing, yet fuller flavour wine. The styles range from dry to off-dry but they all offer an abundance of berry fruit.

For those looking for a berry laden Rosé with a touch of sweetness try the Marcel Martin Rose d’Anjou;

Rose D'Anjou from Marcel Martin | Red White & Cru (

Italy / Veneto

Around Lake Garda, where the Veneto & Lombardy regions converge, the production of Rosé or Rosato (the Italian way!) is a long-standing tradition. Known locally as Chiaretto, meaning “pale” this gives you an indication of the beautiful pink hues that glisten through the glass, whilst still delivering full & fruity palates & a dry finish.

One of our faves is Mabis Rosapasso; Produced from Pinot Nero, it is fresh & inviting with elegant strawberry notes & a long lingering finish… Bellisimo!

Mabis Biscardo Rosapasso | Red White & Cru (

Romania / Ville Timisului

Potentially not your first thought when you think of wine, but apparently Dracula is not the only excitement in Romania! Currently the worlds 13th largest wine producer, putting it ahead of New Zealand means that Romanian wines are no stranger to our shelves, thanks to the incredible value & quality.

If you are a fan of crisp, refreshing Rosé wine & fancied trying something different then Solara Rosé needs to be in your shopping basket. It is packed full of cherry, raspberry & strawberry fruit & balanced with crunchy acidity.

Solara Rosé | Red White & Cru (

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Thirst For More?

When drank in moderation, Rosé wine is actually good for you! It contains potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure and polyphenols which can help lower bad cholesterol… Win-Win!

** All health benefit info obtained from**

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