Sepa Moya Sauvignon Blanc

Sepa Moya Sauvignon Blanc


The name meaning literally "Who Knows?" hints at the nuture of the wine within.  Cheeky, carefree & easy - yet made with serious intent.  Sepa Moya celebrates the honesty, directness & sheet enjoyability of Chilean wine.

Bulk of the fruit is taken from Valle Central with some selected splashes of higher-end cuvées to bring warmth, generosity & fullness.

Bursting with citrus fruit, cool & zesty - this is a satisfying textbook Chilean Sauvignon & at under £8/bottle, what's not to like ;-)


Origin: Chile - Central Valley

Style: Herbaceous & Aromatic

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

ABV%: 12.5

Pairing: Seafood / Goats Cheese / Asparagus

Allergens: Sulphites